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File format: SWF;

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Review of Dragon Fist 3

The game mentioned above has been designed in 2006 and since it has been released it became extremely popular…! It’s all yours to believe it or not but the search term “dragon fist 3″ is searched 22 000 times a month! This is an amazing bunch of digits!  Well, as you see the DF3 is really attractive and many people are addicted to playing this. Here on dragonfist3.net it is completely free to play!

The Dragon fist 3 has a nice interface along with the music playing beyond it. Beautiful colors, amazing content, easy navigation and many other things make Dragon fist 3 world-wide eminent!

Dragon fist 3 is easy to play, since there are too cleverly adjusted keys for you to play very comfortably.  It also supports 2-player mode, which is quite amazing. Remember to check out our controls tab, to find out the keys which help you do fresh, quick and instantaneous movements. As you launch the game you will see that it has an stunning feature of creating and editing the characters.

The graphics of the Dragon fist 3 is very high, but you also have an option to change the graphics from the options bar in the main menu. Sound can also be turned on or off.

Walkthrough of the DF3

Ok guys, let’s play single mode. Well, click on single player and now you can start everything from the scratch. Here you can choose single player mode or quick battle, this time you should omit challenge match and practice. Quick battle immediately allows you to start playing Dragon Fist 3, but I don’t recommend it because it doesn’t give you the option of choosing your own character. Well guys, click on single player mode. Here you should choose the difficulty, I strongly recommend taking the beginner mode because it will develop your skills and  you will be able to play the next levels more effectively onwards. Each level consists of the different numbers of fights. Then you can choose the character you like, and click on continue. here the playing starts, have a nice fight!


As we said Dragon fist three is extremely widespread on line, along with being loved by thousands of fans all around the world! As they released it,  Dragon fist 3 became a cause célèbre. I understand that you may feel bored with reading this and you may scoff at me writing this but many people are cognizant of many features of this game, so this is the reason  why I wrote such an enormous article about it. Thank you for reading it. You kindness is appreciated!


Player 1:

A/D      walk left/right

W          jump

S           block

T           punch

Y           kick

U          draw/throw weapon

                Use different combinations of directions and attacks to perform different moves 

T+Y      special move

S+T       grab

S+Y       sweep

S+U      pick up/down weapon

Player 2:

Left/right     walk left/right

Up                    jump

Down              block

4                       punch

5                       kick

6                       Draw/throw weapon

 Use different combinations of directions and attacks to perform different moves 

4+5                special move

down+4        grab

down+5        Sweep (when close)

down+6        pick up/down weapon

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